Managing Multiple MT4® / MT5® Accounts


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Forex Copier 3

Finding the best solution to manage multiple MT4®/MT5® Accounts on the same PC/VPS


Let’s assume that you have several MetaTrader® accounts with different forex brokers. Furthermore, your clients/friends/family members entrust you with their MT® accounts as well. Having to handle so many accounts, you need to find software that can copy trades between them all on the same PC/VPS.



Copytrade like a boss and learn how to deal with:

  • - multiple MT4®/MT5® accounts
  • - different account sizes and risk approach
  • - unequal symbol names used brokers


Forex Copier 3 (local trade version) is like a gauntlet of power that helps you to copy trades between your MetaTrader® accounts and the MT4®/MT5® accounts as easily as snapping your fingers.



Copy trades locally between different MT® accounts with Forex Copier 3 with no effort at all. Boost your profit with lot/risk management, SL/TP settings, adjusting symbol name, and plenty of other awesome features, as a bonus, arise the risk/reward appetite from your clients/friends/family members.



Finding Software That Meets all the Demands of Forex Signal Copying

You need to copy forex signals easily between different MT4®/MT5® accounts located on the same PC/VPS — quite a challenge, right? You want your forex copy trade software to have zero to no latency, be reliable, and able to work on various source and receiver accounts at the same time. Besides, clients have different account sizes and risk appetite, while brokers use unequal symbol names and tend to play quite dirty.



Make Copy Trading Easy

Your needs have been heard and your difficulties were karate-kicked by forex copy trading software — Forex Copier 3 (local trade version with copying speed of 0.1 sec — pretty fast, right?). Since your clients, friends, and family trust you with their logins and passwords, you can manage their accounts on your PC and use the local trade copier (Forex Copier 3) for them as well. Everyone is pleased!

You will find these bonus features of Forex Copier 3 especially gorgeous:

  • Lot / Risk Management allows you to change the lot size of copied orders to meet your requirements.

  • Custom Stop Loss and Take Profit settings allow you to place the desired SL/TP at the same price on the source account or set a fixed amount of pips where it can be placed. It can help you to develop custom risk management, matching the needs of those family members/friends who are risk-averse and would prefer a larger safety net. Here’s a safety belt for you.

  • Price Adjustment (Waiting for a better price to enter the market). You can set up your receiver accounts to catch the trade at a much more likable price, achieving a higher risk/reward ratio.

  • Adjusting Symbol Name feature (both Automatic and Manual!) — extremely handy if you use terminals from different brokers.



Software that Fulfills Every Local Copy Trading Need

Forex Copier 3 with specific tweaks can provide you with unique outcomes:

  • Lead you to maximize the profits using plenty of vital features Forex Copier 3 has (lot/risk management, SL/TP settings, price adjustments, adjusting symbol name etc.).

  • Save you TONS of time and efforts

  • Make copy trades for your clients with different risk attitudes and deposit sizes super easy for you!

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